Highlights 2022

It’s been another exciting year for MicroPro Sienna! We launched the inaugural season of Sienna Squad that brought together 4 influential designers and contractors to transform a backyard. Our Sienna family continues to grow, with partnerships in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Highlights 2021

It’s been a tremendous 2021 for MicroPro Sienna across Canada. We continued building our community on social media with fun, engaging content, and unique projects, and extended our MicroPro Sienna family out to Western Canada.

Highlights 2020

2020 was a busy and remarkable year. During this unprecedented time, MicroPro Sienna unveiled new partnerships, grew our social media presence like never before, and strengthened our MicroPro Sienna community across the country.

Highlights 2019

MicroPro Sienna has been busy across the country, at events, in print and on TV. We’ve been generating interest through contests like the 2019 Sienna Reno Challenge and making an impression on social media – #microprosienna – seeing a major increase in brand recognition.