Zero Harm

Zero Harm defines how Koppers conducts business every day by creating a culture of safety so that the company always places the safety and health of its employees, environment and communities first in all thoughts, plans, and actions—an aspirational, yet attainable, goal.

Zero Harm to Employees

Zero Harm means providing employees with the tools, training, incentives and authority to identify and promote proper safety practices, while also correcting unsafe practices. A widespread review of tasks at Koppers global facilities to identify areas of improvement remains ongoing. Enhanced communications processes enabling managers to share information about safety issues with their counterparts around the globe also has been implemented.

Commitment to Responsible Care®

A core part of Koppers commitment to safety and environmental protection can be seen through membership in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative, a voluntary industry program that requires members to implement best practices to manage environmental impacts, health, safety and security. In 2015, Koppers received certification at 18 of its facilities and corporate headquarters. The company’s Responsible Care® efforts will expand in 2019 to incorporate the Process Safety Code and the Product Safety Code.

Zero Harm to the Environment

In addition to efforts to eliminate employee injuries, Koppers works to ensure that Zero Harm comes to the environment. The company’s approach to environmental stewardship begins with training, collaboration and preventive measures. Koppers holds itself to full compliance with all applicable legal requirements as a minimum level of performance. RC14001 policies, processes and procedures—stemming from participation in the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® program—ensure that environmental best practices become standard throughout the organization. Together with this commitment to Responsible Care®, Koppers continues to work toward a future where Zero Harm to the environment remains the norm.

Zero Harm to Communities

Koppers recognizes the communities where it operates as key stakeholders. Employees, manufacturing plants and laboratories represent vital elements of those communities. The two are inseparable and deserve the proper level of attention and respect. Commitment to Zero Harm to Koppers neighboring communities includes focusing on continuous improvement in process safety, providing transparent information to all stakeholders and conducting rigorous training around safe product use. Zero Harm represents a minimum requirement of keeping relationships with those communities vibrant.


Because Koppers commitment to Zero Harm involves engaging external stakeholders to understand their concerns about company operations, engagement occurs on a regular basis with communities and local organizations via:

  • Community Advisory Panels
  • Participation in local emergency planning and response activities
  • Postings on the Koppers website
  • Support for local volunteer efforts
  • Transparent reporting of sustainability data in this report and through independent organizations